Footy Clinic



All the grades are having footy clinics over the next few weeks. We are learning new skills and getting fit at the same time. Its loads of fun. We are enjoying having all the young men and women teaching us all about the footy.



Professor Maths – By 2C

On the 1st September 2C and 2FS went to see Professor Maths. Professor Maths was funny when he was juggling balls. He threw a soft ball at Rune. Rune said he felt happy.
Professor Maths explained to us all about the games and activities, including the special jackets and caps. These were used when you completed a “Super Challenge”.
After the explanation, we went off in our little groups to do the activities. There were some tricky, challenging games but they were all fun to complete.
Most of us all enjoyed the ball target activity best of all where you had to throw three balls and add up how many points you got.
In the Spider Game, we had to use a magnet to get the bearing up to the top of the game without touching a spider. Although the spiders weren’t real, they looked creepy.
The Cube activity was where you placed 3D shapes such as cubes and rectangular prisms into a box and they had to fit nicely.
Drop Ball was where you dropped a marble into the race pit that reached the bottom first won.
There was racing cars that had to race to the end using number spinners.
One game was called “The Walking Home Game.” You had to select a path and put footprints on the path you had. You had to estimate how many steps you took.
There was an activity where you had to get eight penguins onto each side of a triangle. We thought this game was simple.
All of Grade 2C enjoyed the time with Professor Maths. He had fun games and activities and it taught us about Maths in a fun way.

AllMixed Up – A Shared Report By Grade 2C Students

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about liquids and mixtures. We did a few experiments which we loved doing.

The milk one was fun. We put milk on a plate and added food colouring and then held cotton buds in it. It didn’t do anything. Then we added detergent and the food colouring travelled in the milk and it made other colours.

Another experiment was water and oil placed into a bowl. We mixed it and mixed it but the two liquids would not mix together. We then put in dishwashing detergent. It then mixed together.

We put an egg in a bowl of vinegar and one in a bowl of water. We waited ….and waited 24 hours and then we looked at the two eggs. The one in water did nothing. The one in vinegar had its shell come off. We waited another 24 hours and the rest of the shell came off.  The one in the water did nothing. Mrs C cut the rubbery egg and it exploded. BUT, the egg was a normal egg. It was awesome looking at the results.




Hello Chelsea

Hi Chelsea,

Our grade wants to know what you have been doing today? Is it nice warm weather?

Today we had our Book character Dress Up Day where we came dressed up. What do you think that you would have come as if you had been here? Mrs C. got scared by the Darth Vaders that were in our room today. There were three of them. They looked scary. Some of the girls looked really pretty……except for Tilly who was a witch!! She had a green face. Mrs C and Hayley came dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

We had a fantastic day.

We will show you photos of the day on the blog next week.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Fiji and we are looking forward to seeing you when you come back to school.

From 2C