My Fiji trip

Hi 2c it’s me Chelsea, I’m at Fiji. On the plane I stayed up nearly all night because lots of babies were crying. When we got to Fiji and our resort we went in the pool. We have been in the pool and water slide every day. Today I saw Harry from 2L . When we went to kids club we met our first friend named Jana.

Wilson Botanic Park

On Tuesday, the 1st April, the Grade 2 from Berwick Lodge Primary School went to Wilson Botanic Park for a picnic with their parents. Some of the names were Carly, Lauren, Clem and Sarina. There was a lake the same colour as the Murray River. It also went around the park. There were so many trees! It was like a forest in there. We found a shady area and we had lunch there. After that, we went on the playground.    Written by Taj

On Tuesday, Grades 2C, 2L and 2FS went to Wilson Botanic Park and we walked there. It was tiring and hot. When we got there, we stopped for a rest and then kept going. We went to a hill and had to go up it and there was a great view. At the top there was a tower and there were lots of steps and at the top, we could see lots of houses and cars. We saw BLPS, beaches, the freeway and the highway, a creek and when we came back down, we saw lots of trees and bushes. Then we went on a board walk and looked out of the bird hide and we saw a black swan, ducks and turtles. Then we had lunch and went on the playground where there were swings, a slide, seesaw, flying fox, rock climbing, ladders, bridges and then we came back home.  Written by Justin

Colour Poems

We have been doing lots of poetry writing. Please read our Colour Poems.


Yellow by Senilka

Yellow looks like the colour of the sun.

Yellow sounds like a peeling banana.

Yellow smells like a daisy.

Yellow tastes like a banana.

Yellow feels like the hot sun.


Yellow by Justin

Yellow looks like it’s sunny.

Yellow sounds like a hot fire.

Yellow smells like smoke.

Yellow tastes like cheese.

Yellow feels like Summer.


Red by Chelsea

Red looks like a strawberry.

Red sounds like a popping balloon.

Red smells like a fresh apple.

Red tastes like a jam sandwich.

Red feels like a beautiful song.


Red by Ronan

Red looks like blood.

Red sounds like a fox yapping.

Red smells like strawberries.

Red tastes like tomatoes.

Red smells like a wool jumper.


Purple by Judd

Purple looks like a pencil.

Purple sounds like a bird.

Purple smells like grapes.

Purple tastes like a lollypop.

Purple feels like paint.

























City Of Casey

We are currently learning about “My Place’ where we recognise our street, suburb and state on a map. We are learning about the City of Casey Community – a group of people living in one place and sharing facilities.

Today we worked in pairs, creating communities within the City of Casey. A community needs certain things such as roads, shops, schools and hospitals. We had to plan and place these things onto our maps. We had lots of fun designing and drawing our maps.

Estimating 1 metre


In our Maths session this morning all of Grade 2C students had to estimate how long 1 metre was. We did this by making a paper chain to 1 metre in length. Tilly was the CHAMPION! She made a chain exactly 1 metre. The chain had 21 pieces. Clever Tilly!

Chinese New Year

We went to Chinese New Year Parade today at 9.30 in the morning. We had to find our buddies. My buddy is Darrer. The Grade 2’s all had to sing a song. Before that, Kyra, a young student sang sin yan hou da. It was beautiful. Then we sang sin yen hou ya. Miss Tian put on some music and a dancing dragon came out. After that all of the buddies walked around the basketball court.    Written by Ben.

I went to a Chinese Parade. We went with our buddies. I saw a Chinese dragon dancing. It was funny. I thought it was awesome. I wore my mask. I was holding my lantern.   Written by Mira

On the basketball court, there was a parade and there were heaps of grades. We were dressed up. They looked amazing. Then it was our turn. It was fun as there was a dragon. It was cool as well.     Written by Isabella

We went to the Parade with our buddies. It was fun. My favourite part was the dragon. We sang with the Grade Two’s.  Written by Rune













Sports Day

Today we had Berwick Lodge Sports Day. Most of us came dressed as footy players. Others came dressed as other sports participants such as soccer players,  netball or basketball players. We were raising money for our World Vision Sponsor Child by bringing a gold coin donation.


Today we used coloured beads to make patterns. Some of them were basic patterns. Others were quite complex in their structure. We really enjoyed constructing them.

Mini Beast Incursion

On Wednesday 21st August Grade 1C attended a great incursion. We saw lots of interesting mini beasts. Have a look.