Learning Mandarin

We are enjoying playing a game, but we are also learning our colours in Chinese at the same time. We have two half hours of Chinese each week. We are learning lots of different words. Some of us are VERY clever at speaking in Chinese.

“In My Backyard”

This Term, our grade has been very enthusiastic learning about “In My Backyard.” We have been learning about plants and mini beasts and how important they are to us.

Aaron wrote an information report about plants. He would love you to read it:

Roots take in water and nutrients. Leaves take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Stems take the water and food from the roots and it goes into all the different parts of the plant. Flowers contain the seeds. Seeds get blown by the wind. In the soil, the seeds sometimes grow. Sometimes they don’t. Seeds also get eaten by the birds.


Think it, Build it, Fix it!

For part of this term, Grade 1C has being doing the unit “Think it, Build it, Fix it.” We have been learning lots about toys and materials that they are made from.Here are some photos of the students constructing their own toys.

National Buddy Day

We caught up with our Grade Three buddies on National Buddy Day. Purple is the colour that we could wear on this special day.



Our Lego Excursion

We had a great time at Lego Education Centre. We haven’t seen so much lego! We made a chair from lego. It had to take our weight. We had to follow instructions to make fairground rides. We learnt about levers and pulleys and how they move lego parts.

Term 3, 2012

Welcome to Grade 1C’s Blog. We have done some interesting and exciting things over this Term.